World’s Three Greatest Scientific Secrets

Related to the ancient Armenian Highlands-unraveled by Prof.  H. I. Pilikian

Edwina Charles, BA (Phil., U of London), BSc (Psyc., Open Uni), London

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On the 25th November (2011), at 7.30 pm., in the Library Building of the Birkbeck College (University of London), at the invitation of Mr. Shahin Rafatfoo of The Open Society, Professor Hovhannes I. Pilikian delivered a most momentous lecture, unraveling before the very eyes of the audience, Three of the world’s greatest scientific secrets as defined by him. 

Related to the ancient Armenian Highlands-unraveled by Prof.  H. I. Pilikian

Edwina Charles, BA (Phil., U of London), BSc (Psyc., Open Uni), London

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On the 25th November (2011), at 7.30 pm., in the Library Building of the Birkbeck College (University of London), at the invitation of Mr. Shahin Rafatfoo of The Open Society, Professor Hovhannes I. Pilikian delivered a most momentous lecture, unraveling before the very eyes of the audience, Three of the world’s greatest scientific secrets as defined by him. 

In a preliminary introduction with great wit and a sense of humor, the Professor defined the boundaries of knowledge kept secret from the masses as a form of power-holding and population control, even in our own days – whenever there are socio-economic crises in our Western countries, governments pounce on Education, cutting budgets to ensure that Knowledge stays within the reach of the political elites alone, for the educated person (as the Professor emphasized) can never be a slave of a corrupt System, as such state-systems are universal throughout the world.   He preferred to share his secrets rather than make publishing history to merely mint money for private wealth …

He also made sure that while he appreciated the gentle nature of New Age ‘philosophies’, he himself would not be anything but scientific, for the simple reason, that when science is not the golden standard, then anything goes, like the proverbial sky falling down on Chicken Licken … Science was what he was doing, and sticking to scientific methodology, with all due respect to Religion and exotic non-sequiturs … Incidentally Professor Pilikian possesses that rare unique ability of the absolute expert, presenting complex issues simply and without pretentious jargon, for anyone to understand easily. 

The Professor had no doubt that the paradigm initiated by Isaac Newton, in terms of describing a replicable public methodology, guarantees the scientific nature of an enquiry.  He stressed that he in fact employed several methodologies fit for specific purposes.  

The secrets to follow were not hitherto defined let alone enlightened by the great scientific theories of history – (1) Newton’s discovery of the Gravitational Force, (2) Darwin’s theory of Evolution, and (3) Einstein’s theory of Relativity … These three have nothing to say about the following three, except perhaps Darwin’s on the second, the first of which is so hugely significant as to be worth the Beginning of ALL knowledge thus;

What is the very first piece of land/earth that appears upon the oceans of this planet? It is astonishing that no scientist has been preoccupied with this problem, perhaps because they could not hypothesize on a possible answer. It is the equivalent of asking the fundamental question about the Big Bang theory – what was before it?

Pointing out to an ancient Armenian esoteric tradition of great antiquity, culminating in the historical figure of the 7th c. Philosopher/scientist Davit Anhaght = David the Invincible, the professor pointed out that the latter had traveled from Armenia to Athens, and on to Alexandria in Egypt, to be awarded the title of Trismegisthus given exclusively to the greatest of the Grand Masters of Esoteric knowledge, as he was also declared Invincible after numerous debates with other world-philosophers in the city, which was a global magnate of ancient lore in antiquity.

Professor Pilikian defined his methodological use of what he called the performative reversal the precise dialectical opposite of a true scientific fact, camouflaged as its mirror opposite, to deliberately obfuscate it for the ignorant masses. 

Using then the method of the peformative reversal, Professor Pilikian unraveled the scientific answer to the first question through the Flood-Story in the Old Testament thus; according to the accepted view, the Noah’s narrative cements in concrete the fact of the Earth sinking in the oceans through torrential rain and tsunamis … However, according to Pilikian, its performative reversal is the true scientific fact, which is actually about the first appearance of the first piece of land out of the oceans

In other words, where the Ark of Noah stopped, on the Ararat Mountains, they represent the first piece of land that peeks through the oceans as a result of sub-oceanic volcanic eruptions of such singularity, immense power and unimaginable force as almost to be of ‘divine’ nature, spewing volcanic ash into the atmosphere, raining down as … rain in the ‘obfuscated’ narrative … That the Earth is created sub-oceanically through volcanic mountains which then further construct land mass is already a scientific dogma.

The Singularity of the Big Bang is even more appropriate to this very first event of land creation in the oceans – no wonder it took Biblically 40 days, but symbolically perhaps even 40 million years in Darwinian evolutionary time … imagine millions of years of unimaginable volcanic activity with volcanic ash as rain, and oceanic tsunamis cooling off the lava, to construct the Armenian Highlands as the environs of the Ararat Mountains.

The knowledge of this scientific fact kept secret were the beginning of ALL Knowledge that is interconnected. There were other comparatively minor secrets linked with it – According to the professor, the Ark of Noah is not a literal boat or ship, but the whole of the Armenian Highlands, which is the world’s single land-mass on mountain tops, forming a stylized Ark, containing all plant and animal species of the primordial times

The Second great interlocked secret therefore naturally followed the first; where did the first bipedal humanoids arise, ascend or descend from. Darwin’s theory on the Ascent of Man was an attempt to answer this by going inexplicably and foolishly to the … African Savannah, which is a totally boring landscape, unchallenging to human intelligence and the development of the mind. Professor Pilikian, for the fist time in scientific thinking, put a wedge between Darwin’s Theory of Evolution which he accepts whole, and the ascent of man which he refutes categorically for not being scientific at all. He pointed out that all ancient cultures have a mountain-cult. And the mountainous landscape with its ‘mysterious ups-and-downs’ is conducive to challenging human intelligence, hence the evolution of brain-size and power. The Armenian (Anatolian) Highlands provide the very first and prime mountainous landscape to the very first humanoids to develop their brain, mind and intelligence.

The Third Great Scientific Secret related to the very discovery of Language itself, which is what makes the human animal unique and human. And Professor Pilikian carried us to the very beginnings of human linguistic times thus;

He used the exact parallel of the latest Quantum Physics CERN technology – the Hadron Collider just built in Switzerland that enables scientists to bombard the atomic nucleus with a stream of electrons, to produce sub-atomic particles that are the building blocks of Everything. It is now that he also defined the concept of linguistic fossils on the exact parallel of natural history fossils – linguistic fossils contain now vanished ‘semantic’ species of immense significance and value, the greatest of which is what he has discovered in the Armenian language, where it exists exclusively, and nowhere else;

In the Armenian language, Hai means ‘being an Armenian’. Bombarding this (what Professor Pilikian calls) the ‘archetypal nucleus’ with a stream of ‘semantic electrons’, what emerges are the 3 sub-atomic particles of H-A-I. Professor Pilikian identifies the H as a consonantal aspirant, significant only in throat-al articulation. 

The nucleus of the … archetypal nucleus is truly the A vowel phoneme, without the conscious discovery of which human language itself (transcending all linguistic family-identifications) would be impossible. The first humanoids Homo Sapiens’ coming into the consciousness of the A phonemic vowel is such a momentous event, that its emphasis as proof of self-identity extends naturally into the ‘I’ reduplicative variant. 

Uncontroversial linguistic theory acknowledges

(1) that the first people’s first discovery of the first sound will keep him there, stuck in the groove, for quite a long time, calling everything with the same sound and its minor variations, and

(2) The first words thus formed would denote social and sexual identity and status, both of which phenomena are captured and preserved only and only in the Armenian language thus;

AI – Professor Pilikian calls it the scream of life – pain and pleasure

H-AI = simultaneously individual and group identity

AI-R = cave, a semantic fossil recording man’s habitation of caves, hence the

              practice of settled Socio-economy, and the creation of culture.

AI-R = Man, genderless, as both man and woman

H-AI-R = Male / Father  

M-H-AI-R = Female / Mother

AI-R-[él] =

to burn, make fire, a semantic fossil recording man’s discovery of the first Technology, that of fire-making, a ‘divine’ skill stolen by Prometheus from the Gods, given to Man, for which the gods punished Prometheus on the Mountains of Caucasus in Caucasian Armenia; the tail-end of the Armenian Highlands.

The Linguistic Fossil of the HAI discovered by Professor Pilikian in the Armenian language is so precious as to be priceless, fossilizing the very beginnings of mankind, from its origins in the Armenian Highlands, to its practice of settled economies, to its discovery of the first technology hundreds of thousands of years ago …

Until the end of this extraordinary lecture, I had not ascribed more than fun to the anecdote of a Portuguese woman friend (who believed in Re-incarnation, and is an avid fan of the Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho) asking Professor Pilikian (who does not believe in such) what re-incarnation did he think he was – Isaac Newton’s, Darwin’s or Einstein’s? 

The Professor answers; but I do not believe in Re-incarnation, YOU must tell me …

She says with the passion of a Coelho-reader, you’re all three … the Professor then tells her he would feel on a safer ground with his birthday, the 15th of April, which is Leonardo da Vinci’s … “ I rather be the one and only Leonardo than Newton, Darwin and Einstein put together … or, even preferably, the Armenian Davit Anhaght!”  

During the Q&A session, a mysterious gentle gentleman who had heard the Professor on other occasions, declared that, of all the distinguished people he had heard, Professor Pilikian is the only one who cared truly about Humanity, Compassion, and Love. Could he now sum up for us explicitly the moral of this particular lecture?

Professor Pilikian answered unhesitatingly after thanking him for his kind words;

Mankind is one. If you have two shirts, give one to the brother who has none! The whole Earth belongs to literally everyone – when therefore a Russian oligarch steals the wealth of the Russian people in Siberia, he is robbing every one of us from our birthright. When the English aristocracy created by the British Henry the VIIIth who was addicted to cutting women’s’ heads off, stole the lands of the British people, they are as much now sitting on land that belongs equally to the American Hobo and the poverty-stricken Indian that survives on garbage … The notion that the planet is overpopulated already, endorsed alas by Darwinian Naturalists (hence the need for wars to genocide people, called politely “population reduction” … ) is evil eugenicist fascist nonsense … a single apple-tree in one’s garden can feed the whole street with apple-jam for a winter … European Royal families have stolen millions of acres of land that alone could feed the whole planet!”  

And when Professor Pilikian humbly wanted to know the questioner’s name, he answered … Héesus !!! [a form of Jesus, a common name in South America].

A shiver went down my spine –

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