Phoenician Kings and Queens

By Mira Yardemian, Public Relations Director, Haigazian University, Beirut, 21 December 2010

Friday, December 17th 2010, was the opening of the painting exhibition of Dr. Haroutioun Nicolian, A.K.A Arthur K., at the Haigazian University Art Center, the Matossian Gallery.

More than 40 paintings with the mixed media technique and of various sizes were displayed at the gallery, exhibiting vibrant colors and a deep perspective on the faces of ancient kings and queens of Phoenicia, including Elissa, Ithobaal, and Ashtarte. Some of these rulers originated from major cities of Lebanon such as Tyre and Saida.

Nicolian was initially influenced by the works of Picasso and then Chafic Abboud, and now he works mainly in the abstract style. He expresses a great interest in the history of the Phoenicians through his art, paying tribute to their figurines and masks.

“Painting for me is a natural inspiration born from a profound feeling towards our ancestors and patrimony,” explains Nicolian. “National enthusiasm is an expression of feeling and awareness of our heritage and rich history.”

Dr. Haroutioun Nicolian, a medical doctor by profession, is also a poet and essayist. A prolific artist with over 1000 paintings to his name, he has exhibited his works in Beirut, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Sao Paolo, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and recently in the 12th International Art Exhibition in Beijing, China.

He has been influenced by the most unique philosophy of author Zecharia Sitchin about the birth of our civilization in the areas where the people of Sumer, Mari, Urartu and Phoenicia lived. His works include three different themes: Phoenician kings and queens, Violoncello players, and Traditional houses of Lebanon.

From L Rev. Doc. Paul Haidotsian, Barouyr Aghbashian, Zvart Tanielian, Haroutioun Nicolian, Mrs. & Mr. Varouj Kojaoghlanian, Jirair Tanielian
“Phoenician Kings and Queens” is in course until December 30, 2010.
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