, Volume II (2012-2014)

Report: Toronto, 14 March 2014

Two years after the publication of Five Years of (2007-2012), twenty Toronto friends of the website celebrated, on March 14, the launch of the second anthology (covering 2012-2014) at a “by invitation only” gathering which featured a lively Q&A and the unveiling of the website’s plans for the next two years.

Following a brief talk by Publisher Dikran Abrahamian about the founding of the website and the changes it had gone through since its inception, English language editor Jirair Tutunjian spoke about the content and contributors of volume II. Attendees heard a YouTube a “best wishes” message from Dr. Minas Kojayan, the Armenian language editor, in Jerusalem. Vako Nicolian, designer of the website, provided information about the technical aspects in response to questions.

While both volumes are anthologies of text posted on, there are also a number of differences between the two books. The first volume was in English; this second book is bilingual (Armenian and English); it has more pages, 430 versus 396. It also has a third contributor, Minas Kojayan in addition to Dikran Abrahamian and Jirair Tutunjian. Like the previous volume, the second book concludes with statistics on readership and the popularity of the non-partisan website. is an anthology of more than 100 editorials in Armenian and in English which have been posted on the website in the past two years. As well, it has sections marked views, reviews, interviews, reports, and call to action.

While the first volume was devoted to the families of board members, the second volume is “Dedicated to the one-and-one-half million martyrs who perished during and after the Genocide of Armenians (1915-1923).”

This second volume has a red cover (the previous issue had a blue cover). When the board publishes its third volume in a few years, the cover will be in orange, thus together the three jackets will depict the Armenian tricolor.

Both books were printed and bound by Zohrab Sarkissian, president of The Reliable Printer of Toronto.

The Anthology opens with the Publisher’s Message penned by Dr. Dikran Abrahamian followed by Introduction, a review by David Boyadjian, a freelance Armenian American Journalist. They will be presented separately in the next update.

Dr. Minas Kojayan’s “best wishes” message in Armenian

  1. Congratulations

    I congratulate and commend Dikran Abrahamian, Jirair Tutunjian, Minas Kojayan for compiling their writings on pages in this second volume of a continuing sequel. The dedication of this book and the choice of colors including for the upcoming volume is noteworthy. 

    On a personal level I feel "vindicated" that the comment I had for the first volume was a merited comment. I quote my comment: 

    "The absence of Armenian articles, not to say of any word in Armenian, is painfully evident. For understandable reasons, Armenian articles have been relatively few in However, the site has enjoyed the contribution of eminent authors who have written in eloquent Armenian. Among them  the following come to my mind: Krikor Kradjian, Zvart Apelian, Barouyr Aghbashian, Minas Kojayan, Hrayr Jebejian and the eminent Maitre Kasbar Derderian. It would have been nice if Keghart's editorial board had accommodated some of them or evaluated, in Armenian, their contribution."

    I am sure the pdf version will soon be posted.

  2. Congrats to Keghart

    Congratulations to Keghart on the release of Vol. II and for eight years of speaking truth to power. Unbossed and unbought, you are an incisive voice for the Armenian Cause and justice seekers everywhere. More power to you and yergar gyank.


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