Remembering Armenian Genocide Victims

Commemoration of 108th anniversary of the Genocide, Times Square NY 23 April 2023

24 April 2023

Dear Professor,

Every Apil 24, Armenians around the world commemorate the genocide. Thirty-four countries, including Canada, the United States, most European and many Latin American countries, along with three Arab states recognize the veracity of the genocide which was the most devastating event in the three-thousand history of Armenians.

1915 marks the start of the first of the two most horrendous acts of the 20th century: the Genocide of the Armenians and the Holocaust starting in the ’30s. Although an attempt was made to bring the main perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide to justice and compensate the descendants of one-and-a-half million victims and return them to their Armenian Highland homeland, it failed, because of a complex of geo-political power games of the big powers.
The Armenian Genocide perpetrators and their descendants, who subsequently held high positions, remained unpunished. To this date they deny the genocide’s veracity. Moreover, they call for the continuation of the unfinished “task”: they threaten to commit further genocide of Armenians and erase Armenia which is one tenth of the original homeland of the victims.
The below selection of articles dealing with the above subject and posted on website in recent months is brought to your attention.
Thank you for your interest.
Dikran Abrahamian MD and team
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  1. I guess you forgot about the genocide of the Herero and Nama in Namibia in 1904-07. Also an horrendous act of the 20th century.

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